Mission Statement

What is the Wesley Community Center?

A community of students and young adults who encourage learning, faith, love and justice, regardless of denomination or religious background.

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Reconciling Campus Ministry

The Wesley Foundation is a reconciling campus ministry.

This is the Statement of Reconciliation adopted by our students and board:

The University of Oregon Wesley Foundation seeks to make our campus ministry a welcoming environment; an open community where all can gather in fellowship and worship. We strive to make our campus ministry a spiritual home and safe place for all members of the campus community. We work to nurture individuals in their faith journeys and encourage each person to grow in response to the constant challenges and transitions presented in the university setting.

We recognize the discrimination inflicted upon gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual persons within our Christian community. After a year of continuous study, we have decided to take a stand and work to end this discrimination, which we believe does not reflect God’s love, grace, and justice. Despite any prejudices held by humans, we know that God’s love, grace, and justice are extended to all persons.

We are called by God to speak out with welcoming voices to gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual persons. We will address and advocate the needs and concerns of these individuals as we attempt to create an open, accepting, and non-judgemental atmosphere for all persons.

Grateful for God’s love and reconciling power, we renew our commitment to become faithful witnesses of the gospel. We know that we are not alone in this task. We trust that God will help us to fulfill our commitment in our common life and work.

Therefore, the University of Oregon Wesley Foundation proclaims itself a reconciling campus ministry, an open and affirming group that strives to utilize the gifts of all persons in our ministry.

Adopted by a student vote, March 10, 1995.

Adopted by the Wesley Foundation Corporation, May 9, 1995.


The quality of excellence is never so present as in the development of leadership within both the church and the academic community.  The University of Oregon is uniquely positioned to create the leaders of the Pacific Northwest in the years ahead.  These are the persons who will make a considerable impact upon the direction of our communities.

The good news is that the Wesley Center is vibrant and effective.  Our students show leadership in the classroom, in several faith and philosophical communities, in the workplace and in all of life.

Our Students

Our interns meeting with Bishop Elaine Stanovsky (from left) Caitlin, Jordan, Elaine, Amy Rose, Nikaya, and Sohni. January 21, 2017